"Help! I STILL Can't Get a Stick!"

Words of clarity by Joshua P. Warren

Sound familiar? I hear this from new radionics practitioners all the time. Fortunately, there are 3 different solutions. Let's find the one that is right for you.

First off, it is important to understand a bit more about the "stick plate" in general . . .

Although often called a "stick plate," it's really an "output plate." What exactly does that mean?

Wishing Machines are mind-powered devices. That means you are putting your energy into the device via the metal input plate. Therefore, after your energy has passed through the circuit, it is your own (now adjusted) energy being returned via the output plate. So your ability to use the plate depends on your ability to sense your own energy on the "other end." Feeling a "stick," or a stronger, attractive, connection to the plate when the energy flows properly, is usually the simplest way to know all is moving through clearly. But it is NOT the only way. Here, I will start with using the traditional stick method, and then move on to the other two methods.

Method One: The Traditional Stick:

Let's begin with an exercise. Palms together, rub your hands briskly together for about 1 minute. Next, pull your hand apart about 6 inches, still with the palms facing. Now move your hands as close together as possible without touching, then pull them back a few inches. Now put them as close as you can without touching again, and then pull them back again. This is what some martial artists call "pumping chi." Continue doing this for a minute and you should suddenly feel a strange sensation, as if your hands are being magnetically pulled together. Note how this sensation of attraction feels. This feels similar to the phenomenon that culminates in "sticks."

To get a stick, first make sure your stick plate is clean. Wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. It's okay if your plate has a few bumps or creases; that is normal, just take note of them. Once your plate is clean and dry, rub your finger (any finger that feels natural, but usually the pad at the tip of the right index finger) swiftly over the plate again and again. Note the way it slides across. Now, lick your finger and do the same thing. This time, you will instantly notice that your finger sticks more to the plate, as if its surface catches your finger. That is the sensation of a stick. Therefore, when you use the stick method, make sure your plate is clean and dry, and your finger is clean and dry. Then, when you stroke your finger across the plate, as you adjust the dial, you will instantly notice it has changed if it suddenly feels as if your finger has been slightly wetted and sticks (although it has not been wetted).

It is important for you to do this swiftly and naturally, and NOT overthink the sensations you feel. The more you practice this, and become familiar with your stick plate, the easier this technique will be for you.

Method Two: The Pendulum:

Another way to determine the moment when you should stop adjusting a knob is using a pendulum. This method allows you to put something more flexible between your hand and the output plate.

If you have a good, professional pendulum, great! If not, take a 12-inch string and hook a small, balanced object to the end. You can even use a length of thin fishing line with a metal fishing sinker tied to one end.

Rest your right elbow on a table next to your machine, bend your wrist, and hold your pendulum over the output plate. You should hold the pendulum as close to the plate as feels comfortable for your arm. Speak out loud, and tell the pendulum "Remain still until I reach the correct adjustment." Then, as you turn each knob, watch the pendulum carefully. Stop turning the knob when the pendulum moves significantly. You will know this is the right spot. Do this for each knob.

Method Three: The Intuitive Method:

This is the simplest, and most pure method of determining the "stick." It is often used by experienced radionics practitioners, but some people are just naturals at this method, and should therefore use it exclusively from the very beginning of their experiments.

You may, or may not, want to begin with the "pumping chi" exercise described in Method One. Regardless, when you're ready to proceed, just hold your open, right-hand palm over the output plate. It should be about three inches above the plate, though there is no hard, steadfast rule.

Then, as quickly as possible, with very little conscious thought, adjust each knob. Do not look at the knob you are turning, just stop turning when it feels right. This operates on a very personal, subjective level. Do not second-guess yourself. Set each knob and, when you get to the last one, say "thank you" out loud and then put your machine away to work.

As you become more comfortable with your unit, you eventually will not even need to place your palm over the output plate. You will simply, intuitively feel, and know, each knob is in the right place. Be CONFIDENT.

Final Notes:

When finding the right moment where the energy "sticks" from your output plate, the absolute worst thing you can do is overthink your body's sensations and second-guess your sensations. You should keep your mind focused only on what you want to achieve with your wish, and let your operation of the machine flow smoothly, fluidly, and almost automatically. If your critical, right-brain becomes the focus of your intent, you will distract energy from the machine and your vision. The machine works best if your emotional feelings flow through it unimpeded.

Find the method that feels right for you, and go for it! The less you think about this process, the better. Trust that your subconscious bio-field will make each knob land in the right place. And in order to improve, spend as much time as possible around your machine.

The more exposure you have to your box, feeling its presence and stroking the plate for practice, the more your body and energy field will seamlessly adapt to it as an extension of you.

Trust me: relax, keep it simple, follow these easy rules, and you WILL succeed!

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