"Mind blowing. That's it. It was like he flipped a switch and suddenly I saw the world for the first time."
T. Beckett Scotland, North Carolina

"Trust me; we're going to dig into this as deeply as possible."
Joshua P. Warren

In 2015, Joshua P. Warren produced two, rare Wishing Machine Workshops before small, intimate crowds. Many traveled from
around the country and paid hundreds of dollars to attend.

Now you can watch a High Definition feature-length movie of Warren's Ultimate Workshop in Asheville, North Carolina, filmed by C. Eric Scott.

Here's a free preview:

This 2.5 hour presentation can change your life.

If you don't own a Wishing Machine, you need to see this. If you own a Wishing Machine, you MUST see this.

Topics Covered In-Depth Include:

The secret history of radionics

What's inside a box

The clearest explanations of how we think this works

Stunning images of the human bio-energy field

The 3 most effective techniques for tuning your machine

How to use the machine properly to quickly get whatever you want regarding:

Money (hitting the lotto & gambling)

Relationships (the perfect partner)

Happiness (what does it mean to you?)

Wellness, plus . . .

Time delay questions (how long will it take?)

Special accessories (using jacks, and the benefits of an e-machine)

Strange experiments involving time travel & UFOs

And much more!

AND, as a special bonus, you will also receive two
FREE e-books on radionics that Warren highly recommends.

Charles Cosimano has written some of the most influential books on modern radionics. You will get two of Warren's favorites, Basic Psionics and Psionic Power, as PDFs you can read on your computer, tab or smartphone. After absorbing this movie and these books, you will be a Wishing Machine Wizard!

When you make your purchase you'll instantly receive an email with:

A private link and password to watch the movie streaming online, over and over, as many times as you want (NOTE: it is not available as a download or on DVD) and . . .

A link to download both PDF e-books, Basic Psionics and Psionic Power, all for just . . .


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