Frequently Asked Questions about The Wishing Machine


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Q: What is the difference between the different kinds of machines offered?

A: The purpose of the Wishing Machine Project is to understand how and why these mysterious boxes seem to work.

Are these simply complex placebos that, nonetheless, produce effective results? It is possible.

But we believe there is an actual technology at work that has not been understood by mainstream science.

Based on our experiments, and feedback from buyers around the world, we believe they all produce the same effect: helping wishes manifest. However, we have found that adding certain electrical components can make the manifestations occur more quickly. We think this may be because an electrical current produces a carrier wave that helps to transmit whatever effect the machine is producing.

The classic Standard Unit is not electrically powered, and is the most popular design used by experimenters over the last century.

The other units, like the Model-E, Model E-Lux, and Use the Force Machine, incorporate various electrical components. Generally speaking, in our experiments, the Model E produces results faster than the Standard. The Model E-Lux produces results faster than the Model E. And the Use the Force Box produces the fastest results of all.

If you decide to purchase a classic, Standard Machine, you can also upgrade it, for a small fee, so that jacks are added. These jacks will allow you to turn your non-electrical machine into an electrically-powered one in the future, should you ever decide to do so. Many people start by experimenting with a classic, Standard model, and then purchase more advanced, electrically-powered machines as their experiments broaden.

Q: What is the process for using an E-Machine (with an electrical plug) and how is it different from a non-electrical box?

A: You simply tune your box, as usual, regardless of whether or not it is a box with a plug. Then, when you are done, you plug it up and/or turn on the electrical switch. Leave the box turned on and put it away, leaving it turned on until you have achieved the desired results.

Q: Can I use the machine over and over forever?

A: Yes, you can use the machine over and over for the rest of your life. However, you can only use the machine for one wish at one time.

Once the machine is programmed for a wish, you must put it away until you feel the wish has been fulfilled.

Since the time necessary for a particular wish to manifest can vary on a case-per-case basis, it is common for experimenters to have multiple machines. So, for example, if you have five machines, you can have each one working on a different wish, thereby allowing you to work on five different wishes simultaneously.

Q: Can two people use the same machine?

A: We do not recommend a machine be used by more than one operator. Think of it this way:

What if you decide to record a song on a tape? If you sing your song into the microphone, it will produce a clear recording. If, however, your friend or partner is singing a different song at the same time, the result will be a jumbled mess. Neither song will be properly recorded.

In the same way, the box should be used by one individual, for one wish, at one time. In our results, it has been most effective for one person to be the only person to ever use a particular box. We don't recommend that you switch it back and forth between different people, even if one person's wish has come true, and you have reset the knobs to zero to program an entirely new wish.

You should develop a personal relationship with your box, and feel it is customized to your own "energy." Think of it as a cell phone that has all of the apps and info that you desire. If you let someone else use your cell phone, that person might alter those settings in a way that makes the phone a more diluted reflection of you, the owner.

Q: Can I wish for money?

A: You can use these boxes to wish for whatever you want. However, in our results, you will have more success wishing for the objects and experiences you would purchase with the money, rather than the money itself.

Q: Can I use the box to gamble, such as playing the lottery or at a casino?

A: We do not recommend you use the box for playing the lottery. This is because, in a lottery, your intention is directly competing with the intentions of thousands, or millions, of other people, all vying for the same thing.

In our experiments, the box is much more effective when used before entering a casino. This is because, in a casino, different people are focusing on different things. Therefore, your personal intention is stronger since you are focusing on one machine, or game, at a time, with a smaller pool of simultaneous competitors.

For more general info on using a machine to gamble, please listen to this short audio clip:

And, if you are specifically interested in tips on how to win at slot machines, listen to this audio:

Q: Can I use the machine to find a romantic partner?

A: The machine can be used to help you find whatever you want. However, you should never use your machine to target another specific individual.

Instead of wishing for a particular person, wish to find "the perfect person" for you.

It's also okay to program the machine for the attributes you want in a partner. For example, you might print out a photo of a person, like a celebrity, that looks similar to the type of person you want to attract. And you could write some qualities you want on that picture (like "interested in art," or "a great sense of humor," etc). This could be placed on your input plate as the sample, or witness, to represent the type of person you want to naturally attract.

Q: How do I wish for something intangible?

A: In our experiments, the best results are obtained when you can represent something intangible with something tangible.

For example, instead of wishing for "happiness," think of a time in your life when you have been the most happy. It can be a simple moment, like eating an ice cream cone, watching a sunset, or kissing a loved one. Put a photo, or something similar, on the witness plate that captures the spirit of that moment, and use it to represent "happiness." The same goes for all intangible things.

Q: How long will it take for something to manifest?

A: This varies greatly on a case-per-case basis. We feel it depends on how many factors in the universe must rearrange themselves to conform to your specific desire.

In our experiments, some things happen almost instantly.

Other things, that are more complex, can take weeks, months, or years, depending on the magnitude.

The length of time seems to depend partially on the following factors:

1. Who is the person placing the intention and what is their current position in life (i.e. starting point)? For example, it's easier for a millionaire to manifest a million dollars next week than it is for a person with $20 in their account.

2. How many changes need to occur for reality to conform to the desire? For example, it's easier to get your neighbors to quieten down than it is to assemble the entire cast and crew of a feature film and shoot it successfully.

3. What is the timing? That is, how many opposing factors are working against you? For example, it's easier to wish for a front row seat at the Super Bowl during the off-season rather than waiting until the day before the game.

For greater clarity on this issue, read Joshua's book, USE THE FORCE: A Jedi's Guide to the Law of Attraction.

Q: What if I have a machine but am having trouble getting a "stick"?

A: Though getting a "stick" has been the traditional way of tuning the machine, it is certainly not the only way. For a number of different ways to tune the machine, visit this page:

Whether you own a box, or are trying to decide whether or not to buy one, if you want the most comprehensive understanding of these machines, please watch this movie:

We also recommend you read this book, USE THE FORCE, available on Kindle, or in print:

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