George Washington's Ghost?

On Sunday, December 6, 2015, this photograph was taken at the Middleton Tavern, in Annapolis, Maryland; a place once frequented by President George Washington, and now known to be haunted by his ghost. After extensive analysis by Warren and his team, they believe it is authentic. Look at the dark figure on the left side of the image, apparently looking to his left (a profile) and walking out of the frame. The figure appears to be approximately 6 feet tall, and Washington was reportedly 6'2" in his prime.

The photo was taken by Lisa Moulden, author of the book, Presidential Souls.

You may click each image for a larger version. Be sure to also look at the enhancements below.

Below is an enhanced version, compared to an image of Washington:

IS WASHINGTON's GHOST WEARING GLASSES? No. Even though Washington actually did wear glasses sometimes, the appearance of this apparition wearing glasses is an optical illusion created by the lighting fixture at the translucent edge of the ghost's face. You can see this in the above control image showing the entire fixture.

Hear Lisa Moulden interviewed on 4-23-2016 edition of Joshua's radio show, Speaking of Strange:

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