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Spacetime Anomaly Discovered Near Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada (June 25, 2018) -- Do you ever feel the traffic lights in Las Vegas take too long? There may be a good reason.

Joshua P. Warren, a professional investigator who has appeared on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, and Nat Geo, claims he has documented a "spacetime warp" on the outskirts of Vegas.

"I am the first person to use a brand-new technology, a Differential Time Rate Meter, or DT-Meter, to search for time anomalies near Vegas," says Warren. "I traveled to Area 51 for tests, but I found the strangest reading much closer to Vegas."

Warren documented time slowing down, by 20 microseconds (which is 20 100 thousandths of a second) just north of Vegas, between I-15 and Route 93. He is calling this the "Vegas Interstate Time Anomaly," or "VISTA." And he says this is only supposed to happen if a black hole approaches Earth, thus his result is truly inexplicable. Engineer Ron Heath, who invented the DT-Meter, called the result "Incredible!"

"This is also an area where many strange lights have been recorded in the sky at night," Warren said. "I think there may be a spacetime warp on the edges of the city, but there has been so much man-made tech nearby, that it's taken a while to realize what's naturally happening in the surrounding hills and mountains."

Warren believes the Vegas valley may indeed be a natural hot-spot for strange activity due to these spacetime warps, but he is open to the idea that government technology is causing them.

"There are many secret projects taking place around here. Last year, the Pentagon confessed to back-engineering UFO tech here, and now President Trump is forming a Space Force. Las Vegas is an important crossroads for strange phenomena, and it may be a combo of what is naturally here and how the government is taking advantage of it."

Warren says his research has just begun, and you can watch a short video on his results by visiting his personal website:


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