The wait is finally over! IT's HERE.

This is the absolute finest box we have ever offered. It is the most powerful box, built with only the world's best components. It is the Cadillac of Dr. Mulder's designs.

This is the USE THE FORCE BOX.

And it comes with an autographed, first edition, first printing copy of Joshua P. Warren's brand new, best-selling book, USE THE FORCE: A Jedi's Guide to the Law of Attraction. It is the perfect handbook for any Wishing Machine user.

This is a special, LIMITED EDITION run, exclusively to celebrate the release of Warren's book. When we sell out, they are gone forever!

Before you hit the purchase button, select whether you want the "Blue Theme" or "Black Theme," as described in the video.

These coveted boxes will disappear any minute, so don't hesitate.

FEEL the Force flowing through you!

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May the Force Be With You!