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Here are Joshua's Descriptions of Each Show:

Episode 1:
The SECRET to Conjure Whatever You Want: USE it WISELY! & Do You Have the ALIEN DNA?

Episode 2:
Make THIS at Home & See Spirits & Auras! PLUS Joshua Tells of Seeing His First Ghost!

Episode 3:
How to Move Things with Your MIND! PLUS the $100 Tone that Brings You Money!

Episode 4:
Are Shape-shifting Immortals REAL? Can YOU Become One? AND Spooky Audio!

Episode 5:
THE OZ Factor! Have YOU Slipped Into Another Dimension? & Brown Mountain Lights!

Episode 6:
CIA Documents on the Law of Attraction! PLUS Holiday Spirits & A Good Luck Tone!

Episode 7:
Are World Rulers Reptilians? & The Paratemporal Loop Hypothesis!

Episode 8:
The Mandela Effect & New Time Warp Report!

Episode 9:
BIZARRE Occult Experiences! PLUS the Creature that Tadd McDivitt Saw!

Episode 10:
My Amazing Roswell Experience!

Episode 11:
How to PREVENT or CREATE Paranormal Activity!

Episode 12:
Amazing Paranormal Audio!

Episode 13:

Episode 14:
Inter-Dimensional Monsters!

Episode 15:
Joshua's Personal Collection of Strange Objects!

Episode 16:
Meet a REAL Santero!

Episode 17:
Orbs, Rods, Angels & Demons!

Episode 18:
Ho'oponopono & Synchronicity!

Episode 19:

Episode 20:

Episode 21:
Joshua's PERSONAL Proof of ESP!

Episode 22:
3-Minute Monk Secret! Plus CHAKRAS.

Episode 23:
Are the LITTLE People REAL?

Episode 24:

Episode 25:
Our WEIRD Moon! And My Encounter with Real Vampires!

Episode 26:

Episode 27:
The Talking Mongoose & Amazing Animals!

Episode 28:
More Paranormal Animals!

Episode 29:
Here's What Aliens Look Like!

Episode 30:
My Favorite Roswell Witness Speaks!

Episode 31:

Episode 32:

Episode 33:

Episode 34:
The LAST Werewolf & Time Travel Cameras!

Episode 35:
Ezekiel's Wheel & Why "Disclosure" Now???

Episode 36:
Joshua Interviews a REAL Exorcist!

Episode 37:
WILD Listener Reports!

Episode 38:
THIS Guy Says He SHOT An Alien!

Episode 39:
The Results are IN!

Episode 40:
The 4 Manifestation Words That Will Change Your Life!

Episode 41:
Joshua Challenges Tom Vrilock to a WIZARD-OFF!

Episode 42:
The Strange & Twisted History of Money!

Episode 43:
Joshua's Strange Stories from the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Episode 44:
My NEW Creation: Haunted Boulder City & Tulpamancy!

Episode 45:
Human-Friendly WORMHOLES & Affirmations That WORK!

Episode 46:
Are Aliens REALLY Experimenting on Us & Our Cattle???

Episode 47:
The One-Minute Manifestor Technique! AND is Project Looking Glass REAL?

Episode 48:
White House Ghosts That Will Surprise You!

Episode 49:
My Amazing Experiences with Voodoo Dolls!

Episode 50:
If I were GOD . . .

Episode 51:
Joshua's Latest Trip: Bigfoot, Mummies & WEIRD Stuff in Washington State!

Episode 52:
Fun & Spooky Halloween Tales!

Episode 53:
BREAKING: UFO Footage Near Space Force!

Episode 54:
Amazing New Ghost Photo! PLUS Who is THE DEVIL?

Episode 55:
Great Tips on Finding Your Magick!

Episode 56:
How to Create POWER with Self-Fulfilling Prophecies!

Episode 57:
Tim R. Swartz: Inter-dimensionals, "Commander X" Mystery & More!

Episode 58:
Strange Christmas Holiday Tales!

Episode 59:
Amazing Happy Endings! PLUS How to "Raise Your Vibration."

Episode 60:
Joshua Interviews The AMAZING KRESKIN!

Episode 61:
Best Of

Episode 62:
Best of

Episode 63:
Best of

Episode 64:
Best of

Episode 65:
EXCLUSIVE! Video of Ghost Footprints in the Snow!

Episode 66:
BEST Manifestation Crystal Ever? FREE Advice!

Episode 67:

Episode 68:
I Bought a GARGOYLE & Here's What Happened!

Episode 69:
Tesla, Lovecraft & FROM BEYOND

Episode 70:
Say THESE Words & Mantras & See What Happens! | Moldavite

Episode 71:
HOLLOW EARTH: Is There Really Another World Down There?

Episode 72:
One of the WILDEST Stories I've Ever Heard: Liquid Mercury.

Episode 73:
Ultimate Paranormal Detective & Historian: Vance Pollock!

Episode 74:
NEW "Time Warp" Footage PLUS Evil Fairies!

Episode 75:
What's In MY Bugout Bag? And MK Ultra Mind Control!

Episode 76:

Episode 77:
How You Can Use PLACEBO POWER Now!

Episode 78:
The Little Green Kids & Black-eyed WEIRDIES!

Episode 79:
An ELVIS Story! AND Does Feng Shui Work?

Episode 80:
My New Medical Diagnosis & Tesla's Amazing, WEARABLE, Purple Plates!

Episode 81:
IF You Are Cursed . . .

Episode 82:
Spring-Heeled Jack, Lizard Man & La Llorona!

Episode 83:
Low-Budget Tips for You: Poor Man's Paranormal!

Episode 84:
Breaking! OKAY: Here's the New Land Joshua Bought!

Episode 85:
Best Of

Episode 86:
Best Of

Episode 87:
What TRULY Scares Joshua? He Answers Your Wild Listener Questions!

Episode 88:
The Wonders of the World! And Joshua Takes More of Your Questions!

Episode 89:
Who Are the Shadow People? AND An Amazing Story About Your Life!

Episode 90:
Is Joshua's New Dog a CHUPACABRA? AND Did Methuselah Live 969 Years?

Episode 91:
What Do the Aliens REALLY Want? & Mike the Headless Chicken!

Episode 92
Joshua Explores His Area 51 Land!

Episode 93
D.B. Cooper & Horror Movie Tales!

Episode 94
Do YOU Have a Doppelganger?

Episode 95
The TRUTH: Alien Implants, Artifacts & Probes!

Episode 96
Let's Get Deep: The Secret Story of EVERYTHING!
And My Best UFO Experience: V-Shape

Episode 97:
Where Do You Go When You Dream?

Episode 98:
A New Experiment for Us All! PLUS New Paranormal Baby Monitor Footage!

Episode 99
The Most Frequently Spoken Word on Earth, & Paranormal Gravity Maps!

Episode 100:
Joshua Interviews His Dad About the Paranormal & He Has a Surprise!

Episode 101:
How Antigravity Built the Pyramids!

Episode 102:
What is the Amazing Crystal Pillow???

Episode 103:
Witches, Wizards & Warlocks!

Episode 104:
Is Halloween BAD? PLUS Joshua's Finally Releasing This New Footage!

Episode 105:
A Prisoner Wrote Joshua a Letter. Here's What He Said . . .

Episode 106:
THIS Happens When You Die . . . AND a Wayne Newton Story!

Episode 107:
The Secret Wisdom of Kukulkan

Episode 108:
Weird Ancient Giants!

Episode 109:
Project Blue Beam!

Episode 110:
Tones That Can Change Your Life: Dale Allen Hoffman!

Episode 111:
Best Of

Episode 112:
Best Of

Episode 113:
Best of

Episode 114:
Best of

Episode 115:
Best Of

Episode 116:
Best of

Episode 117:
Joshua Was Robbed on Christmas Day!

Episode 118:
Joshua Reproduced Dr. Emoto's Water Experiment!

Episode 119:
SOLVED! Brown Mountain Alien Mummy Mystery!

Episode 120:
What is SIN? PLUS The Bible Code & 666!

Episode 121:
What! Were the Mayans Actually RIGHT about 2012?

Episode 122:
Where ARE You? The Secret Wisdom of Kukulkan, Part 2

Episode 123:
Joshua's NEW Haunted FDR Wheelchair!

Episode 124:
A NEW Magick Word . . .

Episode 125:
It's "Little People Time" Again!

Episode 126:
They WON'T Let Joshua Investigate THIS!

Episode 127:
Tools to Access Truth: Secret Wisdom of Kukulkan, Part 3

Episode 128:
Best Of

Episode 129:
The Allegory of the Cave & Dimensions

Episode 130:
The APEX Machine & New Mind Tech!

Episode 131:
Are There REAL Psychics? Miss Molly Knows!

Episode 132:
Dangerous Supernatural Games & BIGFOOT Teeth!

Episode 133:
WHERE Are the ALIENS? & Aztec Death Whistle!

Episode 134:
The Mystery of COMEDY: Stand-Up Steven Randolph!

Episode 135:
Easy Happiness Hacks! & Aztec Death Whistle x 1000!

Episode 136:
Announcing: The SIGIL Lab!

Episode 137:
The Pit of the Black Abyss: A New Form of Magick!

Episode 138:
Best Of

Episode 139:
Strange World Travels with Forrest Connor!

Episode 140:

Episode 141:
What is Instinct? From Where Does It Come?

Episode 142:
The Emerald Tablet & The Copper Scroll!

Episode 143:
Kukulkan Part FOUR! Who Was He?

Episode 144:
WEIRD Adventures with C. Eric Scott!

Episode 145:
Stigmatized Properties: The FACTS!

Episode 146:
Does Palmistry REALLY Work? And WHY?

Episode 147:
Master Manifestor Justin Perry!

Episode 148:
How to Get Lucky! & TOP 3 Manifestation Tips!

Episode 149:
ZOMBIES!!! Scary or Silly?

Episode 150:
What is THE SUN? & Accessing the Akashic Record!

Episode 151:
The Evil Eye, Hex Protection & Chaos Magick!

Episode 152:
Kukulkan Part 5! Nephilim Tech & Conspiracy!

with Joshua P. Warren