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Here are Joshua's Descriptions of Each Show:

Episode 1:
The SECRET to Conjure Whatever You Want: USE it WISELY! & Do You Have the ALIEN DNA?

Episode 2:
Make THIS at Home & See Spirits & Auras! PLUS Joshua Tells of Seeing His First Ghost!

Episode 3:
How to Move Things with Your MIND! PLUS the $100 Tone that Brings You Money!

Episode 4:
Are Shape-shifting Immortals REAL? Can YOU Become One? AND Spooky Audio!

Episode 5:
THE OZ Factor! Have YOU Slipped Into Another Dimension? & Brown Mountain Lights!

Episode 6:
CIA Documents on the Law of Attraction! PLUS Holiday Spirits & A Good Luck Tone!

Episode 7:
Are World Rulers Reptilians? & The Paratemporal Loop Hypothesis!

Episode 8:
The Mandela Effect & New Time Warp Report!

Episode 9:
BIZARRE Occult Experiences! PLUS the Creature that Tadd McDivitt Saw!

Episode 10:
My Amazing Roswell Experience!

Episode 11:
How to PREVENT or CREATE Paranormal Activity!

Episode 12:
Amazing Paranormal Audio!

Episode 13:

with Joshua P. Warren