"Ghost Footprints" Appearing in Snow?

Captured by Linda Biamonte's sister, Kathy, in Oklahoma, on January 1, 2022, around 10pm.

Kathy's security cams capture LOTS of strange things in, and around, her home, like this video from 2020.

Kathy wrote:

"My cameras constantly record. I noticed all the prints in the snow when I looked out my front door to see how much snow had fallen. That is when I decided to play back the video and saw that the footprints were being caused by an invisible anomaly.

"The neighborhood was built around 2006. In 1999 there was a massive tornado that swept through the area demolishing an apartment complex and several homes in the area. I am not sure why this home has activity. Ever since my youngest was born, who is 10 now, there have been many different types of activity. Luckily there hasn't been anything harmful at this point. I have experienced paranormal activity in many locations so it is possible that they are drawn to me for some reason. I am very curious about it and want to learn more."

Thank you Kathy!

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