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Powerful Talismans for Powerful Effects

Only 89 Available!

My original designs: You Won't Find This ANYWHERE Else in the World!

The 4 MOST Effective Sigils

* Stainless Steel, Laser-Engraved on a 39-inch Hemp Cord

* MONEY SIGIL: This is the most popular sigil. Wear it whenever you want to attract money in any form; like getting or improving a job, gambling, or simply allowing the universe to surprise you.

* LOVE SIGIL: Wear it whenever you want to attract a perfect romantic partner or repair a romantic relationship. You can also wear it to energize or repair platonic relationships with family and friends.

* PSYCHIC SIGIL: Wear this to repair the mind, body and spirit; and to give you super-human intuition and wisdom regarding anything you want to know.

* GHOST SIGIL: Wear this to enhance your chances of experiencing ghosts, UFOs, cryptids, and inter-dimensional beings, and to mentally see visions from the past or future.

What Is a Para-Cymatics Sigil?

PLAY to hear Joshua describe how he created this new field of research:

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"Cymatics" is from the ancient Greek word for "wave."

When an audio tone is played beneath particles of sand or salt, water, or any fluid medium, that medium snaps into incredibly-organized patterns and shapes.

Warren took this to the next level by producing tones, infused with various, particular, affirmative messages, then capturing the natural patterns created, in water, by the tones. Thus was born "Para-Cymatics."

The natural patterns were illustrated as graphic symbols, or "sigils," that represent the vibration.

These sigils may be viewed as antennas for the creatively-infused frequencies.

When these sigils were released to the international public for experimentation, astounding reports of success poured in.

Warren therefore decided to create a set of his original 4 sigils, laser-engraved in steel, as pendants.

By simply wearing a certain sigil, you are theoretically attracting the energy associated with that sigil.

You can wear just one or all together. Enjoy!

This is ONLY available through THIS page and while limited supplies last!

As of this moment on:


You will get:

1. The beautiful 4-pendant, stainless steel sigil set, on hemp cord, inside a gift bag

2. Detailed instructions


In October of 2019, Joshua P. Warren presented a brand-new program, at the Chicago Ghost Conference, called THIS IS YOUR AFTERLIFE.

Enthusiastic fans came from around the country to see this groundbreaking program about the meaning of life, and what Joshua has learned over 27 years as a professional, independent metaphysical investigator.

What is most likely going to happen to you when you leave this body???

He put a video camera in the back of the room.

You will receive a private link to watch his 37-minute program online INSTANTLY!

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