"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

--Arthur C. Clarke's 3rd Law

It's okay if you think "magic" may be bullshit.

The word "magic" has been misused, and abused, for many years.

Now I will teach you the true meaning of the word.

And by the time you finish reading this guide, you will be able to use magic to create amazing things in your life.

It works every single time, 100 percent guaranteed, so long as you use it correctly.

It is the divine power that was used to create everything in the universe, and it resides within you right now.

If you ever doubt the power of magic, just look outside at the buildings, trees, hills, mountains, oceans, planets and stars. Nothing is truly "man-made." Humans only take the resources that were here and rearrange them. We struggle to understand how those resources were originally created because we must accept that an invisible power produced and holds all those things together. That invisible power is magic.

For the sake of clarity, I will now pause to switch my spelling of the word. "Magic" is most often used these days to describe the show produced by entertainers who specialize in illusions, like David Copperfield in Vegas. To differentiate, I will, from here on out, spell the word "magick." The extra "k" signifies the difference between an entertaining illusion and a true manifestation. Therefore, for the purposes of this text, magick is mentally projecting your intention to shape physical reality to your desires.


The confusion over conceptualizing magic often starts with religious texts, like the Bible.

Growing up in the Southern United States, I knew many people who believed "magic" was the work of the Devil. This is nonsense.

In the Bible, everything God does is magical. And, in fact, prayer is a method of practicing magick (you'll learn more about this later).

Stories in the Bible only warn of tapping into some evil or forbidden source of power.

Nothing in this book includes any effort to contact spiritual beings or tap into some profane knowledge. This is a book of techniques to help you find a method to exercise the God-given, creative magickal power you currently possess. You, as a creation, also inherited the power to be a creator.

Regardless, there are also many people who think of religious stories as mere fairytales. Thus, they group the miraculous events of those tales in with "magic," and consider the entire thing fictional. This, of course, is silly. I do not think any ancient text can be taken literally, word-for-word, so we should not make any solid judgments, pro or con, based upon them alone.

Next, we have those who feel "magic" is a synonym for "things that cannot be scientifically explained." This is also nonsense.

Science is not, nor was it ever intended to be, some authoritarian yardstick by which the validity of reality is to be judged. Science is, in fact, a simple method of exploration, constantly yielding new results as we are exposed to new sources of data.

A scientist who lived 200 years ago would have a vastly different worldview than one who is alive today. Both may be using the same scientific method, but the data available increases, gradually, over many years, and collectively, as more and more people, around the world, discover new things and share those discoveries.

Just as Arhur C. Clarke so aptly stated, things we take for granted today, like smartphones with global communication, and virtual reality tech, would, indeed, appear magical even to a great scientist like Isaac Newton.

It is therefore important for everyone to open his or her mind to the concept of magick as an interface allowing you to achieve more than you may think you can. After all, there is no computer more advanced than the human brain--not even close.

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