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Magick for People Who Struggle with Magick!

* Manifest what you WANT by focusing on what you DON'T WANT! *

Only ONE Batch Available!

My original creation: You Won't Find This ANYWHERE Else in the World!

info from Joshua:

Do you WANT to manifest, BUT you:

* Find it difficult to clearly visualize what you want?

* Or you sometimes struggle to be an optimist, leaning toward pessimism and criticism?

* Or you sometimes slip into thoughts of self-doubt or losing faith?

* Or you're often too distracted, losing your focus on long-term goals?

* Or you feel manifestation may naturally work for others, but just not so much for YOU?

Well I have GOOD NEWS: This new device turns ALL of that into a Manifestation SUPER-POWER!

Those negative thoughts will finally work FOR you instead of AGAINST you!

Let's be honest--we all suffer from these problems of doubt to some degree. We're humans!

But now, you can harness the groundbreaking power of "turning any doubts you have" into a positive manifestation result.

Most manifestation tools require you to visualize and empower what you WANT.

This device allows you to empower and manifest what you want by focusing on what you DON'T WANT! . . .

The things you WORRY about . . .

Ironically, in some cases, the more negative you are, the more POWERFUL this device will be.

This takes much of what you've heard about manifestation work and turns it "on its head."

I invented it. It's called THE PSIONIC DEMATERIALIZER: aka "THE BAD BUSTER."

AND HERE's how it's designed to work . . .

Years ago, I began studying invisibility cloaking materials that are used by the military and various secret organizations. You've probably seen some of my videos.

I was fascinated by this--scientifically--but then I began to wonder how this material may assist with magickal practice.

If it can distort energy enough to make an object seem to physically disappear, can it do the same for THOUGHTS?

CAN it make a negative thoughtform vanish--dematerialize from your reality?

Here's what I did:

I took some of this material and lined the inside of a durable, scientific grade test tube.

Then I wrote something on a slip of paper that I did NOT want--something I wanted to VANISH from my life.

I was having a personal problem, so I'll keep that private.

But I wrote the problem on a slip of paper and put it into the test tube. Within 3 days my problem had miraculously vanished.

I was so excited I kept experimenting. I tried solving physical problems and non-physical--more abstract--problems.

I started solving problems for other people.

For example, a close relative told me about a problem he was having. I didn't even tell him what I was going to do, and within 2 days, the problem was gone, against all odds.

So then I wondered if I could make this effect happen even more quickly. Could I enhance this somehow?

And that's when things REALLY took off!

Watch the video on this page for all the details!

Why Does Joshua Think This Works So well for Everyone?

PLAY this audio to hear Joshua describe how he created this new device:

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You will get:

1. The test tube lined with the "invisibility-cloaking" material.

2. The unique, "Key of Solomon" wooden base.

3. The genuine, raw Black Tourmaline stone.

4. Detailed instructions


5. The unique, Ho'oponopono dog tag for everyday reinforcement!

The Price:
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plus $13.95 s&h, per kit, anywhere in the world!

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