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You know it's HOT.

But do you know how haunted it is?

Do you know how many strange things have been seen in Death Valley, zipping

through the skies, or found hidden below the hard-baked ground?

Aside from spooky ghosts and breathtaking UFOs, some things are even too weird to easily categorize, like:

* Time Warps

* Ancient Mummies

* and inter-dimensional spirits

You won't believe some of these stories, and yet they are TRUE.

Why do some people report phantom camels wandering the desert at sunset?

Why do heavy stones truly slide across the Racetrack Playa?

Death Valley is a place of extremes.

It's a special portal where your "reality" sometimes warps into other "realities."

In this book, seasoned investigator Joshua P. Warren gives you the freshest, rawest, groundbreaking tales about the many bizarre and wonderful things in Death Valley.

Better yet, he tells you how to easily investigate, and witness, these things for yourself.

Filled with rich history, trivia, and eerie stories you won't find anywhere else, you won't stop turning the pages of this easy read!

WELCOME to the many strange and colorful facets of DEATH VALLEY!

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