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How Does It Work?

I have spent years investigating mysterious energy fields, including those associated with "good" and "bad" fortune. Here's what I learned . . .

If you want good fortune, your religion, philosophy, belief, or method, whatever it may be, does not matter unless you do ONE very important thing first: lay the proper foundation on which positive things can anchor and grow.

Albert Einstein said "The single most important decision any of us will ever have to make is whether or not to believe that the universe is friendly." I couldn't agree more.

If you want your fortune to be as positive as possible, you have to make a choice right now. You must decide you are going to believe that the universe is a friendly, loving, supportive place for you.

It doesn't matter if you have felt otherwise for years, or even your entire life. What is important is that you switch your belief this very instant. It may hard for some of you, but you can do it. And when you do it, you'll be amazed by how many wonderful things will quickly begin to happen in your life.

It's difficult for most people to feel the universe is friendly because we are bombarded by negative news every day through mass and social media. But your personal experience in this world can be overwhelmingly positive if you shift your entire outlook and stick with it. Sticking with it may seem difficult . . . and that's where this "charm" will help tremendously . . .

Every day, the thing most people actively engage with is their cell phone. And, in the background, the wallpaper on your phone makes a huge impact on your subconscious mind. The "charm" is a new wallpaper (background image) that you should put on your phone to help your subconscious shift into the right direction.

Below is an actual photograph of the sky at night. In this photo, you can see the heavenly bodies forming a smile. This photograph represents a friendly, loving, supportive universe that wants to help make you happy and wants you to succeed. It's kind of like a big, happy genie in the sky.

If you place this digital photograph as the wallpaper (background image) on your cell phone, and reflect deeply on what it means every time you become aware of it, you will be AMAZED by its fantastic POWER.

To save it on a touch screen phone, you can simply hold your finger on the image and the "Save" command will probably pop up. It does not matter if it ends up distorted, or only partially visible, due to the formatting of your phone. What does matter is that you keep it there every day and consciously remember what it means every time you can. But even when you are not conscious of the meaning, your subconscious is still being influenced.

If you don't have a cell phone with a wallpaper graphic in the background, you can also use it on your computer, tab or any other device that allows you to have wallpaper. On a computer, just right-click on the image and choose "Save Target As" to download it to whatever drive you want.

Additionally, you can print this out and paste in a place you will see every day, hopefully as soon as you wake up.

This pic is a simple jpeg, nothing more. It's not a program, or an app, or a tracking device, or anything wacky like that. It is just a very basic image that will help make everything, and I mean everything, in your life better.

You're welcome :-)

You can click the image for an even larger version.


What is The Kybalion?

"When the pupil is ready to receive the truth, then will this little book come to him or her."

Listen to Joshua describe this ancient Egyptian text on manifestation:

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