Joshua P. Warren presents

For Fast, Powerful Manifestation of Money Magick & Good Fortune

Unique, hand-made wands, personally created by world-renowned artist
and Priest of Ifa David Longley

Each is the only one of its kind ever made, and ever to BE made!

Here's Warren personally charging them under the Bermuda Triangle Sun:

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And here's rare footage of Warren interviewing Santero Longley at the wizard's home in Puerto Rico:

*NOTE: Many of the wands in this particular video are no longer available. Every one he makes is snatched up quickly!

I have known Santero David Longley for ten years. He is one of the most powerful wizards in the world.
And his artwork is featured in museums and esteemed private collections around the globe.

At my request, Santero Longley hand-made a small batch of wands at his home workshop in exotic Puerto Rico.
Each wand is a one-of-a-kind work of art, and an amazing tool for true, lightning-fast manifestation.

I am proud and excited to offer this incredible collection to you. When these are gone, they are gone for good.

I only have one of each wand.

When you make a purchase, I will select a wand for you and ship it to you.

Who knows what your wand will look like?

But I will carefully think about you and select a wand that I feel you are meant to have.

You have my word that I will take this process seriously.

I will update the availability below:

As of this moment on:


Here are examples of some wands. Each one varies, but Santero Longley says they can all be used by those wishing to attract Money & Good Fortune.

Make your purchase, and Warren will select a unique wand, meant for you, and ship it to you immediately.

$199 each
with free shipping & handling anywhere in the world



from Santero David Longley

The mystic alchemy used to create a wand begins in the soul of its maker.
It is the channeled energy from his mind that gives the wand its attributes.

When you use the wand, you are channeling your energy & desire toward a particular climax.
This results in a sort of big bang which forms something!

Hold the wand toward the sky. Quietly think about what you want for a minute or two, then declare it out loud as you thrust the wand toward the forces of nature. When you are done, feel satisfied and relaxed.
Put your wand away in a place of respect until the next time you are ready to use it.


Anyone practicing the Dark Art should do so with the utmost caution. There is a natural balance to all things. The Universe is a circular, moving mass of energy. Manifestation of positive vibrations return to us in a positive form, but negative vibrations return to drag us down.

May the Force Be With You!