Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
Imagine yourself under a warm sun aside turquoise, aquamarine waters, strolling through the breezy streets of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, the oldest city of the United States' territories (established 1509).

Listen to Joshua tell you the tales!

This is a self-guided tour, created by Joshua P. Warren.
It was originally designed for those taking a self-guided tour of the city. All Rights Reserved:

Part 1:

Direct link: http://freecharm.com/SanJuan/1.mp3

Part 2:

Direct link: http://freecharm.com/SanJuan/2.mp3

Part 3:

Direct link: http://freecharm.com/SanJuan/3.mp3

Part 4:

Direct link: http://freecharm.com/SanJuan/4.mp3

Part 5:

Direct link: http://freecharm.com/SanJuan/5.mp3

Part 6:

Direct link: http://freecharm.com/SanJuan/6.mp3

Part 7:

Direct link: http://freecharm.com/SanJuan/7.mp3

Part 8:

Direct link: http://freecharm.com/SanJuan/8.mp3

Part 9:

Direct link: http://freecharm.com/SanJuan/9.mp3

Part 10:

Direct link: http://freecharm.com/SanJuan/10.mp3

Part 11:

Direct link: http://freecharm.com/SanJuan/11.mp3

Part 12:

Direct link: http://freecharm.com/SanJuan/12.mp3

Part 13:

Direct link: http://freecharm.com/SanJuan/13.mp3

Part 14:

Direct link: http://freecharm.com/SanJuan/14.mp3

Part 15:

Direct link: http://freecharm.com/SanJuan/15.mp3

Part 16:

Direct link: http://freecharm.com/SanJuan/16.mp3


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