Opposing Magnetic Fields: The Only Wand of Its Kind EVER Created

Can Be Used in Experiments to Help Manifest Any Desire

* Available one last time, till this Friday, July 14, 2017, While Supplies Last; First Come, First Serve *

Allow 2 Months for your Wand to Be Hand-Made & Shipped Due to Joshua's Travel Schedule

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Experience the power of opposing, rare-earth neodymium magnets incorporated into a quartz crystal, coil design!

This wand includes 3 of these super-powerful magnets and is Warren's unique invention, ONLY available on this page for the next 7 days.

As of this moment on:


You will get:

1. The hand-crafted Forces of Nature Wand

2. Certificate/Instructions personally signed by Joshua P. Warren

*NOTE: It is our goal to ship your kit immediately. However, your order includes a unique, specialized, hand-made product and, by ordering, you agree to allow approx 2 months to receive your order, maybe longer if you're outside the United States.

BUT WAIT! There's more!

You can save money today if you decide to add our "Classic Wishing Machine" for the

Even if you already have a Wishing Machine, another one will allow you to work on an extra wish or experiment.
(Joshua has about 10 going at all times working on 10 different wishes.)

YES, you add an entire Classic Wishing Machine:

(click HERE to learn more about The Wishing Machine)

The Classic Wishing Machine usually costs $195, so you're saving money if you buy the entire SUPER KIT for just:

Including Shipping anywhere in the world for EVERYTHING!

* Your Wishing Machine will ship separately from your wand. Your Wishing Machine will arrive quickly, but you must allow 2 months to receive your hand-made wand due to Joshua P. Warren's travel schedule *


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