See the Paranormal Day 1; GUARANTEED

Is a person honest or dishonest? Is someone lucky? Is your pet well? It's in the aura!

*NOTE: You can also wear these right over top of prescription glasses while training.

"Aura Eyes" Training Kit from shadowboxent on Vimeo.

Trouble with the video? For an alternate stream, click HERE.

As of this moment on:


You will get:

1. Joshua's Invention: Unique, Proprietary "Aura Eyes" © Glasses

2. The personal terrarium pendant, with living moss & mountain quartz crystal, from Western North Carolina

3. Access to Joshua's "never-before-seen" Bermuda Triangle video presentation

4. Detailed instructions

All for JUST (special "first batch price"):
$99.95! USD
(plus $11.95 shipping to anywhere in the world, per kit)

100% money back guarantee!
If this kit does not live up to your expectations, just return it within 30 days of receipt for a full, unconditional refund.


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*NOTE: It is our goal to ship your kit immediately. However, these are unique, specialized, hand-made products and, by ordering, you agree to allow up to 6 weeks to receive your order, especially if you're outside the United States.

BUT WAIT! There's more!

You can save money today if you decide to add our "Classic Wishing Machine & Tibetan IMOs" for the

Even if you already have a Wishing Machine, another one will allow you to work on an extra wish or experiment.
(Joshua has about 10 going at all times working on 10 different wishes.)

YES, you add an entire Classic Wishing Machine:

(click HERE to learn more about The Wishing Machine)

AND a set of Tibetan IMOs, forcing your brain into the psychic THETA state:

(click HERE to learn more about Tibetan IMOs)

The Classic Wishing Machine usually costs $195 and the Tibetan IMOs usually cost $24.95, so, combined with the Aura Kit, you're saving a TON if you buy the entire SUPER KIT for just:

Including Shipping anywhere in the world!


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